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Challenges for the Knowledge Society
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Management & Marketing - misiune

The vision of Management & Marketing is that of a new way of thinking in the knowledge economy and business of the 21st century. The mission of Management & Marketing is to become a forum of new ideas and approaches able to challenge and to change the management and marketing of the old society. That means to skim the intellectual cream off its field, feeding both thinkers and doers with valuable new insights from theory and practice, stimulating debates and intriguing innovative approaches.
Management & Marketing will promote new nonlinear thinking patterns, in-depth case studies, valuable qualitative and quantitative research works, furthering the knowledge and expertise of academics, consultants, and practitioners. A learned journal in the management and marketing for a knowledge society, international and interdisciplinary in scope, Management & Marketing keeps its readership well informed on all key aspects of business development, being an essential resource for policy makers and strategists across countries.
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Aparitii Editoriale
The Classes of Economic Concentration and the 80% Factor , Cezar Mereuță
Foreign Majority Ownership in the Node Companies of the Main Markets in Romania - Compendium , Cezar Mereuță, Ionuț Pandelică, Amalia Pandelică
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