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Call for Papers – Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Economy – Special
Issue on
Energy Business

We need energy miracles in at least five areas,
and in each of these areas we need at least two hundred
crazy people who think their idea alone can solve this.

(Bill Gates)

The journal Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Society is inviting scholars to contribute to the first issue of 2015 dedicated to Energy Business by sending their submissions to by 15th of January 2015.

The journal welcomes perspectives on management and marketing issues encountered in the renewable and non-renewable energy generating sectors. Because there are opportunities and challenges that the industry is facing, we find the following areas vital for practice and research: energy finance and funding, energy infrastructure development, required skills and alternative energy as the ‘sensible option’.

The editorial board is interested in publishing both theoretical and practical papers concerning:

Corporate entrepreneurship in energy Financing strategies for the energy business
Energy start-ups Rural energy entrepreneurship
Urban energy entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship in energy
Energy business models Marketing energy solutions
Public policy in energy International energy entrepreneurship
Emerging energy markets Risks related to energy business

The Energy Business Volume is of interest for academics, consultants, developers, utilizers, engineers, community, investors, policy makers and practitioners who want to share and learn about the latest discoveries in energy business.

Why publish with the Journal Management & Marketing? Because we offer:

  • access to an outstanding group of peer-reviewers that will offer their advice to help improve your paper;
  • indexation of your scholarly work in several international databases (EBSCO, RePEc, DAOJ, CEEOL, Index Copernicus)
  • free of charge editing services to get your English to the next level;
  • an open access platform that will give other scholars access to your published work without any fees (blue publisher according to SHERPA/RoMEO);
  • a swift and professional peer-review process that starts with a pre-selection by our editorial team which lets you know immediately if your submission fits the mission of the journal or not.

ATTENTION! The publication in the journal Management & Marketing is free of charge and the peer review process usually lasts up to one month, which means that you will receive a very fast answer to whether your article has been accepted or not, at no cost to you whatsoever.

All authors receive a free printed copy of the issue of the Management & Marketing journal in which they have published their article and they have the chance to become reviewers for the journal if they desire to give back to the academic community.

The four types of articles that the journal accepts, along with the requirements for each specific type, are presented in the table below:


Types of manuscripts



Conceptual papers

Book reviews


Literature reviews



These papers will not be based on research but will develop and provide arguments in favor of certain hypotheses. These articles extend current thought in a new direction, pose new questions, or propose a new paradigm. The criteria against which the manuscripts will be assessed are: creativity, coherence, logical argumentation, and the degree to which they can inspire other research.

Any book related to management and marketing can be subject to a book review, but we encourage authors to focus either on new releases or older publications that are relevant for contemporary matters. We do not accept reviews of “self-help” or “how to” books.  Reviews should present a characterization of the central theme of the book a description of the structure and contents of the book (avoid summarizing the book), a balanced appraisal of the book.

These papers may address virtually any important topic in management and marketing which is of current interest and stimulates a thought-provoking discussion. We welcome the presentation of new hypothesis and controversial views. Viewpoints follow the structure of essays, without chapters or abstract.

These papers provide a synthesis of a topic within management or marketing. We invite narrative reviews, quantitative systematic reviews (meta-analyses) and qualitative systematic reviews. The purpose of a literature review is to objectively report the current knowledge on a topic and base this summary on previously published research.

These papers present the findings of qualitative or quantitative original research.

Word count

3,000 – 5,000

500 - 1,000

2,000 - 4,000



No. of references

15 - 30





Max. no. of authors






Abstract required












* They are not subjected to peer-review, and acceptance is based solely on whether the editors think the opinion is worth airing and the case is cogently made.

For any further inquiries you can check out the official webpage of the journal at or contact the editorial team at

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